A bird

  • Today in morning i woke up with some noise. When i woke up this sound was produced in street. When i went near to window some people were standing there and pointing toward something when i clearly look there , a bird was stuck there in a tree. People were trying to free this bird from the tree. I felt really happy that people still have humanity. After working hard since 2hours finaly they freed the bird. It was difficult to read its face expression but her chirping was clearly depicting the voice of happiness.

Missing W.P

Aaah after many days I downloaded it again. I was literally missing my some writing piece. I was also missing some context of people whom i followed and may be may be i am not sure but i think people whom followed me probably be missing my context. As I am back i will try to write new context and interesting one.

Busy life

Today every one is so much busy. We are unaware that why we are so busy? In past times people had time for their parents, family, friends and siblings but now  a day we don’t even have time for ourselves… Why is this like this so? Our life routines have so much changed. We awake like an owal in all night but we sleep whole day and get up late in morning. Things that we can did in 10minutes now a days we do these things in more than one hour… why?? Because we are so much advanced now a days which had made us very attached to internet but we are very far from our blood relations. I have a question are we really advanced?? That much advance that we are far from our loved ones??

Internet is in actual not a bad technolog but excess of every thing is bad. It has captured or mesmerise  us  like a “witch” we can’t get rid of this. So we should have to be more careful to be not catch in this mouse trap.

Our “parents” are much more important than “internet”.

Why i have to believe in me?

As i am “I” so it should have to be my biggest strength. But sometime i just forget the true path wander in this enormous world where many time i realise that i am on wrong path. I realise that i am stucked in this world no one can save me or bring me out from this place. With the passage of time ,with different experiments and different condition of lufe guve us beautuful or harsh lesson. Bat this time when we are alone we came to know that here it is a do or die condition for us . It is something like we have to know that we are our own own saviour no one will come for us here only “I” is my saviour. If i am determined then i will come through all these situation but if i fail to backup my self then even Herculus even can not help me. If i am deterimned then i can fly in sky but i am not then i can not walk even. So we should have to belive in ourselves. Because if we don’t belive in ourself then our life is use less.

 Water H2O

According to dictionary the word water means “a clear , colourless liquid” that has no taste. A human body contains almost 70% of water . Our homeland Earth is 3/4 covered by water and plants need water for their survival. These previous lines shows how much crucial is water. But have we ever tried to keep this water clean? Answer is no even i also did not try. I brush my hairs and leaves falling hairs to be rushed into gutter, i wash pots and put left behinde curry in gutter in the same way happens in factories. They just pollute the water but are unaware of the fact that they are not killing only aqua animals but also killing their own children , future of their country. I have a question “are we doing the write thing”?? “Are we honest to our own children”?? No we are murderers. We are killing lives , worhty lives of innocent. Don’t we deserve to be punished??

And that is why God is punishing us. Every year million of people die due to water born diseases. Not other people but we also loss our loved ones. Why are we doing this. If just do a little try we can change the system we can stop its further development. We can start from our own house ,own toilet, own kitchen. But we have to bring a change. 


I don’t even know that why i am writing about fear’s topic today but it just came into my mind. The word fear means “to be afraid of something”. One’s fee is different from other’s fear. If someone is afraid of heights as me then other will be afraid of deep water. If someone is afraid of black (no light) then other’s fear can be bright light. It all depends all on ours mentality that how we take things. Mostly fear develops according to situation that what happend at time and its negative impact mostly according to Dr. John B.watson fears is developed due to brain’s part Amygdala. 

 we can control our fear if we become familier to this. We must have to control our fears because they are so harmful that they can even take someone’s life being feared.


In our life we set some goals. Sometime we achieve them without any effort it is something like in our childhood we wish that we have a car or toy like our other companion have and we think that we will prepare our parents to buy us that toy but when we reach home we come to know that for which toy we were longing it is now ours, our parents just understand what we want without our saying. But in some cases we have to struggle either more or less to be successful in our life’s goal. It is sometimes easy we just do a little effort and success is then ours but sometims we have to work for years and then comes the result. People sometime loose hope after for working hard within less time but in only case we will be successful if we will be determined. Our goals and determinations describes our values and or it sometimes determines our altitude. So we must have to set good goals to be determined as a good person in our society.